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Tips To Boost Your Child’s Immunity During COVID-19 Times

This pandemic situation that the whole world is facing today is highly devastating. The spread of the virus happens very quickly and sometimes, people who follow extra safety measures get affected by it. Science has proven results that the virus plays a harmful impact on the ones who have low immunity. Science also says that the immune system of little children and older adults are mostly on the weaker side. This makes it very essential for all the parents to keep their little ones extra safe. Here are some essential immunity-boosting ideas that you need to follow to improve the immune system of your children when they are kept safe. 

Breastfeed your little

1. Breastfeed Your Little One If You Are Lactating – The best food that improves the immune system in children is mother’s milk. When your child feeds on your milk, there are a lot of antibodies going into your little one long with proteins, calcium, and other essential vitamins. As an adult, we have the ability to produce antibodies when we come in contact with germs. These antibodies remain in the body and boost immunity in us. The same antibodies are passed on when a mother breastfeeds her little one. If you are a new mom and are still lactating, do not hesitate to feed your toddler for another couple of months.  This proves to be good for you and the little one too.

healthy air

2. Keep the Air Around Your Little One Healthy and Purified – The coronavirus is certainly not airborne but you need to be aware that it can remain in the air just like how some dust particles do while a motion is applied to it. Anyone coming into your home can bring the virus too and a simple sneeze may make it remain in the air. All that you need in the house is a good air purifier. Do not spend too much money on buying an air purifier. Instead, buy a budget-friendly essential oil diffuser home. The oil diffuser can be filled with essential oils having air purifying properties. Lavender oil, neem oil, and even eucalyptus oil have these properties. This keeps the air in your home purified and boosts up your child’s immune system.

essential oil diffuser

3. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils Having Antimicrobial Properties – The fragrances of many essential oils have a lot of anti-microbial properties. Along with these properties, they come with properties that heal the respiratory tract from cold and flu and also boost the immune system. Steam is a good option to clear the respiratory tract but it can be dangerous when your little one is around. The best way to stop all the cold and flu affecting your little one and to improve your child’s immunity is to use an essential oil diffuser with an essential oil blend of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and basil oil. This essential oil blend when diffused into the air using an oil diffuser works wonders and builds up immunity in your little one.

child’s immune system

4. Watch What Your Child Eats – A strong immune system only gets built when your little one eats healthy and sleeps better. You need to watch over both of these. When it comes to eating. A lot of Vitamin C rich food works wonders in boosting up your child’s immune system. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, beans, and even sprouts have Vitamin C and immunity-boosting properties. Adding a pinch of turmeric to milk works wonders in improving immunity in children again. This is because turmeric has a lot of anti-microbial properties embedded in it. Make sure your child consumes a good amount of water as this flushes out the toxins from the body. With all of this, if you want your little one to sleep well, you can diffuse lavender oil fragrance into your little one’s room with the help of an essential oil diffuser.


5. Keep Your Little One Vaccinated for Other Infections – Vaccinations play an important role for your growing child. These shots boost up your little one’s and make him fight most of the germs. However, the vaccine for COVID-19 is yet to be found. Do not stay back at home without getting your little one vaccinated for other infections. The cold weather is around the corner and flu can be a major issue. Make sure you build your child’s immunity by getting him vaccinated against all the diseases.

These are some simple tips to boost your child’s immunity and keep the immune system strong. You can try them to keep your little one extra safe during the pandemic. 

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