Tips And Tricks To Control Hair Fall

Tips And Tricks To Control Hair Fall

You never realise the value of hair until it starts falling. With poor water quality and dependence on processed foods, not to mention the exposure to pesticides used on vegetables and fruits, hair fall has dangerously become a common lifestyle condition. But there are ways you can control hair fall and while the key to lock your locks into your scalp is infrequent nourishment and a healthy diet, there are other hair growth tips you can use to control hair fall and boost hair growth.

1. Use a High-Frequency Machine– All the skin experts and others would have recommended the use of a high-frequency machine or a skin reinvigorating machine for your skin, but this amazing massager works wonders on your hair too. The facial massager machine comes with five types of probes and one of the probes is comb-shaped. This is designed to move about your hair scalp and give you a good massage. This improves blood circulation in the head region and your hair growth becomes better because of this. The massager machine is also known to remove your dandruff and keeps your hair scalp clean. This is a must-have device if you are looking for growing hair that is long and strong. 

Do not condition your hair from the roots

2. Do Not Condition Your Hair from the Roots – The hair experts and stylists recommend you to use a good hair conditioner along with a good hair shampoo. However, you need to use it right to have good hair growth and stop your hair loss issues. For this, you need to wash your hair well with a good shampoo and then use the conditioner concentrating on the tips and not on the scalp. The chemicals in the conditioner make the hair in the roots weak and this can lead to breakage.  The next time you plan to condition your hair, use a good conditioner on the middle section of your hair and massage it till the hair tips. This can make the hair strong and long. 

Apply the Juice of Onions

3. Apply the Juice of Onions – Onions are your hair’s best friend. They promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. All that you need to do is to chop some onions and juice it using a mixture. Apply it on your hair scalp and leave it for almost two hours. Wash it with a good shampoo. Do this on the weekends or when you are at home as the smell of onions makes your hair stink. You can also use the onion oil mixed with a little coconut or olive oil. Massage it on your scalp to boost your hair growth

4. Keep Your Scalp Dandruff-Free – Dandruff in the dry skin on your scalp that peels out as tiny and powdery pieces. When they fall on the facial skin, they tend to make way for acne issues. Along with the acne issues, their presence makes way for an unclean scalp and this breaks the hair and even loosens it from the scalp. You can use the comb probe of the high-frequency device to get rid of dandruff issues and make way for stronger hair and a cleaner head scalp.

Give Your Head an Oil Massage

5. Give Your Head an Oil Massage – Oil is the best conditioner that softens your hair, reduces the frizz, and makes way for thicker hair growth. A good oil massage makes way for blood circulation in the head scalp and this nourishes the hair roots from inside. The best way to oil your hair is to heat a blend of coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportion and massage your scalp with it in a circular motion. This makes way for the growth of smooth, strong, and thick hair. 

6. Gyming and Head Baths Go Together – There are theories that read about the hair getting spoiled after one takes a head bath frequently. There are some other theories that state that a good head bath boosts your hair growth. Both are wrong and correct in their own way. You need to know what kind of hair scalp you have. If your hair turns greasy very often, the head bath every day is recommended. If you have a dry scalp, the head bath twice a week is enough. If you are a fitness enthusiast and spend most of your life in the gym, a good head bath is recommended every day to boost hair growth. 

These are some tips and tricks that you need to implement to have thick and long hair. Follow them and watch them work wonders for you.

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