5 Skincare Tips For Rough And Dry Skin

How many of you miss the soft and supple skin that you once had? The soft skin that you once had must have been pampered and taken good care of until you became a little ignorant to give it the right care. There is not one, but many factors that take a toll on your skin and make it rough and dull. Before you read about the skincare tips to regain your soft skin, you need to sit back and find out the reason behind your rough skin. Hard to find out what makes your skin rough and dry? You can read about it over here.

Dry Skin

Causes of Dry Skin

  • Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells – The dead skin cells bundle up one over the other when you do not exfoliate your skin. This results in a skin that is rough and hard. When you ignore the dead skin cells, your skin can dry up and also get cracked too. 
  • Dirt, Pollution, and Sun – All of these elements can make the skin very rough. This happens because the collagen layers of the skin get damaged and this results in dry skin that is rough too. 
  • Ageing – As you age gracefully, there is a decrease in the production of collagen  – the skin tightening fibers. These fibres are mostly made up of water and when they decrease in number. The skin becomes rough and dry. 
  • Dehydration – Water intake makes you look and feel fresh. This happens in both with consumption of water and liquids and also with good moisturization of the skin. You will have dry skin if you fail to do this and this is the beginning of all your skin problems

These are some of the basic reasons that lead to the dryness and rough texture of your skin. Do not fret and worry because you can get back your smooth and soft thing with the right skincare products and the right skin care tips for your rough skin over here. 

Skincare Remedies For Rough Skin

Skincare Remedies For Rough Skin:

1. Watch When You Bath – Your bath determines your skin texture. If you are having dry skin and roughness issues, you first need to limit your bath time. Do not spend more than fifteen good minutes for your bathing session. Bathing with closed doors traps the moisture in the bathroom and keeps your skin soft. Do not use hot water for your face. Instead, wash our face with lukewarm water. Do not rub your skin with your trowel to dry it. Instead, gently blot your skin and immediately apply a good moisturizer after you dry your skin. If you have dry skin, never use a soap bar on your face. Soap bars make your skin drier. Switch to liquid face washes that have the goodness of fruits. 

2. Moisturizing Is the Key to Soft Skin – Your skin has a million pores and these pores get dry when they are not clogged with any form of dirt or blackheads. It is very essential to hydrate these pores and moisturizing them is the key. Since your skin is dry and already rough, you should choose moisturizer creams that have a creamy texture instead of a liquid one. Moisturizing ointments can also work wonders by trapping moisture in your skin pores and making you have soft skin. Doing this regularly reduces the roughness of your skin effectively. Have moisturizing sessions once in the morning after you bathe and once at night after you have cleansed your skin. 

3. Drink Milk – You must have heard that drinking milk gives you calcium. Well, studies have proven that drinking milk gives you soft skin too. You here are many face masks that have the main ingredient as milk but nothing works as good as sipping on a big glass of milk every single day. This is because milk has a fat called phospholipid that acts as a skin barrier and removes the dryness of the skin. If you personally hate drinking milk, add on some favourite milk flavouring agents and a scoop of ice cream to have it in the form of your most loved milkshake. 

4. Use a Honey Mask – Honey is known as one of skin’s best friends. There are a lot of properties in honey that are not seen in most of the other skincare products. Honey can heal the skin, soften the skin, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that are very good for the skin. All that you need to do is to grab a spoon full of honey and mix it with a pinch of cinnamon powder. Apply this generously all over your face and neck and leave it to dry. Wash this from your face with lukewarm water and rub some moisturizer after you pat your face dry. Doing this regularly removes your dry skin and what is left behind is a soft skin that glows and gleams flawlessly. 

5. Massaging Is Essential and Crucial – Massage brings in a lot of benefits for the skin. Researchers say that a good massage has the ability to produce collagen and elastin – the skin tightening fibers. These fibers are composed of water and having a good production of them in your face regions keeps your skin soft and youthful. A normal massage with your hand is not enough to trigger their production. You need some massager skincare products too. The best one among them is the skin reinvigorating machine. The different shaped probes high-frequency machine works beautifully on your skin to give it the best massage ever. The machine triggers the production of skin tightening fibers and also discards all the toxic substances from the skin cells. The dead skin cells and sebum accumulation is generously removed. This will result in you having flawless skin that is soft and youthful. 

These are some skincare tips for rough skin that is dry. Follow them and make way for a skin that is soft and healthy. 

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